Our Principles

In Insolnet we base our daily activity in compliance with the following principles


Professional training

We maintain and extend the knowledge acquired throughout our academic and professional career. There must be harmony between how we appear professionally and the knowledge we can provide, and this latter must overcome the former.


We identify the conflicts of interest that undermine our freedom of action both in extrajudicial and judicial affairs.



We use the mechanisms offered by the applicable standard in each case in the search for solutions in any field of activity (judicial or extra-judicial).


We formed our opinion analyzing the facts and circumstances, reconciling the objectivity and thoroughness with the needs and concerns of the customer.


Transparency and veracity

We provide reliable, useful and understandable information avoiding ambiguity and misinterpretation. The clear transmission of information is essential in processes involving many, often conflicting, interests.

Security and confidentiality

In the decision making process we always give priority treatment to those issues that affect the security of people, things and the information at our disposal.



We seek excellence in our work through a system of rigorous and comprehensive quality control.
In the execution of the work and tasks, we not only seek efficacy - understood as the capacity to achieve the objectives - but that we also strive for maximum efficiency.