Members of Insolnet have issued court rulings in lawsuits between sector-leading companies, the amount being the largest processed since the implementation of the commercial courts.
Insolnet has been involved in numerous bankruptcy proceedings, and its members have also been involved as counsel in bankruptcy proceedings for suspension of payments and bankruptcy procedure. They have participated in proceedings in defence of the interests of debtors and creditors, whether from the public sphere or private (Grand Tibidabo, Eurobank, Cárnicas Antonio Gonzalez).
3Bankruptcy administration
Insolnet's experience and infrastructure has enabled them to successfully develop a multitude of bankruptcies, some of them with a very large number of debtors and creditors, as well as intervene in matters of regulation of employment of thousands of workers and management of liabilities of very high amounts, including those of SACRESA group (real estate development) with a liability of €4.732 billion and 127 employees and the ORIZONIA Group (tourist services) with a liability of €2.086 billion and over 2,200 employees.
Experience and rigour in the service of public and private interest